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Examples of Coaching

bulletImprove Communication Skills

Often this is a goal stated by a person who needs this in order to achieve a higher goal, such as building a better relationship or creating fresh connections. I can guide you to speak from the heart so that others will listen. I can show you how to use the right combination of words, voice techniques and body language to be able to get your message across in a positive, powerful way. 

bulletBuild Better Relationships

During your coaching sessions, I could help you explore your values and beliefs around relationships. Your values help you to know what to look for in a friendship or partner. Your beliefs may open up wider possibilities, or you may discover a limiting or negative belief about yourself or other people that could be adversely affecting your relationships. I could then use a variety of techniques to remove the limiting belief.

We can also use assessment questionnaires to identify your personality type, and look at positive and negative combinations for you

On a practical level, we may well work on your communication skills, increasing your ability to make a positive first impression and build a fast rapport.

Using NLP techniques we may build your confidence and self esteem. 

bulletCreate Fresh Connections  

Whether for business, friendship or love, I can help you to form a plan to make the right number of contacts in the right place and time, in the right way, to encourage sparks of interest in previously unknown people. With me to encourage and motivate you, you will take the initial steps needed to start a chain reaction.

bulletExpand your Contacts

Using marketing promotional techniques, I can coach you to develop a plan to drastically increase the number of people you have contact with. You will learn how to network, where to go and what to say.    


Market Yourself Effectively

Who are you? What makes you the person you are? How do others know who you are and what you do? How do you get what you want through helping others get what they want? Whether you are a business owner or not. The answers to these powerful questions will help you examine and decide the unique benefits you bring to the world and how to follow your own path to happiness and fulfillment.

bulletPrepare Powerful Presentations

Practical coaching to develop vocal skills and effective body language. Learn how to project a charismatic magnetism that will get and hold other's attention. Build a 'circle of excellence' that enables you to connect to super-charged self confidence whenever you need to.

bulletDevelop Inner Confidence

With Time Line therapy, we could explore where your confidence comes from. We could build inner confidence by exploring your beliefs and metaphors for this and boost your state of mind and feelings attached to confidence

If there are any particular fears or phobias that prevent you feeling confident, we can effectively remove the pain and panic attached to these.

On a practical level, each coaching session can help you identify actions you can take and build on to develop confidence in real-life situations.

bulletFind New Solutions

I can help to trigger new thoughts and ideas from within yourself by asking powerful questions that encourage you to dig deeper, or look in a different direction, or try a new perspective. Symbolic Modelling is a technique that helps you tap into your unconscious 'store' of ideas and solutions.

Practically, I can help you consider a variety of different solutions, and give you a process for choosing the most effective solution for you.

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