What is Coaching?

Coaching is a one-to-one process of communication that helps you to set goals for yourself, then enables you to work out how best you can achieve them. Within coaching there are many different methods and techniques available to ensure the right approach can be found for every individual.

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How Will it Work?

Following an initial 'free' taster session, you will agree to whatever coaching option is right for you. Before your first full session, you will be given some preparation to do which will focus you on the goals you wish to work on.

During your first session, you will be asked many questions to help solidify your goals, develop them into a powerful motivator for you, and start to look at removing any blocks (beliefs, lack of resource, etc) you may have to achieving them.

Most people discover some significant insights during that very first session, which can kick-start many positive changes within themselves.

Depending on your unique requirements your coaching plan will be tailored to suit you and designed to give you a remarkable transformation.

Most importantly, this process of transformation will energise and motivate you to re-discover the exciting adventure of being you.  

Following the first session, you will have regular contact in the form and frequency that you have requested. Many people will use email and telephone contact as well as occasional face-to-face sessions. Further contact sessions are flexible in content, depending on where you are in terms of achieving your goals. I may boost your confidence to continue, or question further to uncover new resources. Or use a specific NLP or Symbolic Modelling technique to shift your mind set or change a belief or fear. Sometimes the session could be very practical and use traditional teaching methods to impart communication and assertiveness skills to you, and give you an opportunity to practice and develop those skills.

Most people will work with a coach for a 3 month period to achieve significant and substantial goals.

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Why will Coaching help me?

More and more people are discovering the benefits of having a coach. 

Coaching works for many reasons, here are some of the key benefits that individuals get from the coaching process:

bullet A deeper understanding of yourself & what you want - giving you focus and direction
bullet A totally honest and impartial viewpoint that will challenge and push you 
bullet A safe environment to explore and remove your fears and frustrations
bullet A measurement gauge to see your improvements over a duration of time
bullet Support and encouragement from someone who is on your side and wholeheartedly believes in you and your capabilities  
bullet An insight into why you do the things that you do, and why others will respond in a certain way - freeing you from habitual reactions and exploring new responses and behaviours

Above all, the biggest benefit is you will achieve your goals!

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